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Breast Cancer Specialist

Premal Sanghavi, MD, FACS -  - Center for Breast Health

Premal Sanghavi, MD, FACS

Center for Breast Health located in Downtown, Los Angeles, CA & Glendale, CA

Breast cancer affects about 1 out of every 8 women in the United States today. If you’re dealing with breast cancer, you need a physician with the specific experience and skills needed to guide you through the treatment process, like Premal Sanghavi, MD, FACS. Call Premal Sanghavi MD, Inc. for an appointment at either the downtown Los Angeles or Glendale, California, locations or book an appointment online.

Breast Cancer Q & A

What is the treatment for breast cancer?

The diagnosis of breast cancer is a life-changing experience. Not only does it bring you face to face with your mortality, but surgical treatment of breast cancer is accompanied by physical changes to the breast and body that may significantly and sometimes permanently alter your perception of physical and emotional wholeness. Surgery is the centerpiece of the treatment of breast cancer. Depending on the size of tumor, the size of the breast, and the stage of breast cancer, a woman facing a diagnosis of breast cancer must consider either a mastectomy or a lumpectomy with radiation therapy.

Surgery is the centerpiece treatment for breast cancer. Patients can decide between a lumpectomy, i.e., removal of just the cancer with a rim of normal tissue around, it or a mastectomy, i.e., removal of all the breast tissue.

What are clear margins in a lumpectomy?

Clear margins mean that the tissue around the edges of cancer is free of cancer cells and you can proceed with the rest of the recommended care like radiation and/or chemotherapy.

What kind of breast cancer surgery do I need?

Usually, surgery is recommended based on the size of cancer, the involvement of the lymph nodes (glands) by cancer cells, genetic status, and family history.

Will I need chemotherapy?

Your final pathology and the receptors on the cancer cells estrogen (ER), progesterone (PR), and HER2/neu will decide if chemotherapy is indicated.

What is recovery like after breast cancer surgery?

After lumpectomy, it’s usually two weeks, and after mastectomy, it’s four weeks. If reconstruction is combined with mastectomy, then it can take six to eight weeks.

To learn more, and for expert care, if you have breast cancer, call Premal Sanghavi MD, Inc. in Los Angeles or Glendale, California, or schedule an appointment using the online booking feature today.