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Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Specialist

Premal Sanghavi, MD, FACS -  - Center for Breast Health

Premal Sanghavi, MD, FACS

Center for Breast Health located in Downtown, Los Angeles, CA & Glendale, CA

Oncoplastic breast surgery combines the principles of breast cancer and plastic surgery techniques. Performing oncoplastic breast procedures requires highly specialized training and is not performed by all breast surgeons. At her practice in downtown Los Angeles and Glendale, California, Premal Sanghavi, MD, FACS, offers comprehensive breast care with a particular focus on patient needs and wishes. If you’re worried about the appearance of your breasts after breast cancer surgery, oncoplastic breast surgery may be right for you. Book your appointment now at Premal Sanghavi MD, Inc. online or by phone.

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

What is oncoplastic breast surgery?

Oncoplastic breast surgery combined principles of oncology and plastic surgery.

In the breast affected by cancer, lumpectomy is performed and the breast tissue on that side is reshaped to achieve optimal cosmesis, while also achieving opposite breast symmetry if necessary in a single surgical setting.

One example of simple oncoplastic breast surgery is using an inframammary incision for tumor removal. The tumor is denoted by the ”x” marking on the breast.

What are the advantages of oncoplastic breast surgery?

The advantage of oncoplastic breast surgery is the cancer is removed with a wider margin of normal tissue around it (clear margins), and the breast is reshaped to match the opposite normal breast, which is more cosmetically appealing. With a single anesthesia and just a single hospitalization, patients can continue with radiation and/or chemotherapy if indicated.

The other advantage is more than one cancer can be removed from the same breast using oncoplastic breast surgical techniques with an optimal cosmetic outcome, so it leads to increased breast conservation therapy.

What is recovery like after oncoplastic breast surgery?

Certain simple oncoplastic breast surgery procedures are performed as outpatient procedures and recovery is about two weeks. Complex oncoplastic procedures require a hospital stay for one to two days, and the recovery is four to six weeks.

An example of a more complex oncoplastic surgery is combining cancer surgery with breast reduction (breast lift). A lumpectomy/sentinel lymph node is performed for the cancer as well as a breast reduction (breast lift) in a single surgical setting.

The left side is preoperative and right side is postoperative one week after surgery in the photo above.

Find out if you can benefit from oncoplastic breast surgery if you have breast cancer. To talk to a skilled provider experienced in oncoplastic breast surgery, call Premal Sanghavi MD, Inc. in Los Angeles or Glendale, California, or schedule an appointment using the online booking feature today.