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Mastectomy Specialist

Premal Sanghavi, MD, FACS -  - Center for Breast Health

Premal Sanghavi, MD, FACS

Center for Breast Health located in Downtown, Los Angeles, CA & Glendale, CA

Mastectomy procedures have come a long way in recent years, and expert breast cancer surgeon Premal Sanghavi, MD, FACS, strives to make the entire process as comfortable and smooth as possible for her patients in downtown Los Angeles and Glendale, California. Use online booking or call the office of Premal Sanghavi MD, Inc. to schedule an appointment today.

Mastectomy Q & A

What is a mastectomy?

A mastectomy means the surgical removal of most of your breast tissue. A single mastectomy means removal of just one breast, while a double mastectomy means removal of both breast tissue at one time.

There are different types of mastectomies. A simple mastectomy is the removal of just the breast tissue. A modified radical mastectomy is removal of the all breast tissue with the axillary contents. A nipple and skin sparing mastectomy is the removal of all the breast tissue with the preservation of the skin and nipple areolar complex.

Do all cases of breast cancer require a mastectomy?

No. It all depends on your specific situation. It’s decided case-by-case basis.

Can I get breast reconstruction if I have a mastectomy?

Yes, breast reconstruction is possible at the same time as the mastectomy in a single surgical setting. Your options include:

  • Reconstruction with breast implants (saline or silicone)
  • Reconstruction using your own breast tissue, if there’s enough available
  • Reconstruction that combines implants and your own breast tissue

Plastic surgery reconstruction is performed by a fellowship-trained plastic surgeon.

What’s recovery like after a mastectomy?

The average post-mastectomy hospital stay is two days or less. However, if you had breast reconstruction surgery, your hospital stay may be longer.

The average recovery time from a mastectomy is four weeks, and mastectomy with reconstruction is six to eight weeks provided there is no need for additional surgical procedures.

It's best to have a friend or family member stay with you for at least a few days after a mastectomy. You'll be restricted from lifting and doing other tasks for at least several days.

To learn more about mastectomy, and for expert care, if you have breast cancer, call Premal Sanghavi MD, Inc. in Los Angeles or Glendale, California, or schedule an appointment using the online booking feature today.